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Your bearing is broken. Can the four-wheeler still run?

Issuing time:2019-12-24 00:00

Symptom: When one of the four wheel bearings of the vehicle is damaged, you will hear a continuous hum-hum-hum in the car while the car is moving, and the faster the speed, the louder the sound. A slight hum can be heard from about 60km / h, and it is obvious at 70 and 80km / h, and the voice in the car should be raised at 100km / h. At this time, there is a fine vibration on the soles of the feet. 2 After increasing the speed When the hum is large) Set the gear to neutral to allow the vehicle to coast, and observe whether the noise comes from the engine. If the hum does not change when neutral, it is most likely that there is a problem with the wheel bearing; 3. Temporarily stop, get out and check the axle The temperature is normal, the method is: touch the four wheels separately with your hands, and roughly feel whether their temperature is consistent (when the brake shoe and the plate gap are normal, the temperature of the front and rear wheels is different, the front wheel should be higher). Feel the difference is not too big, continue to drive slowly to the pit;

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